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Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Lobotomy by Howard Dully

It makes me feel like a completely insensitive bastard but I didn't really like this book. What happened to this man was wrong on so many levels it's probably impossible to count. He was delivered a great injustice and was probably affected in ways that he, nor anyone else will ever know. What remains though, is that he's not an author. He's a guy telling an incredible, albeit atrocious story, that I'm sure took a great deal of courage, time, and effort, and I admire him for that, but I can't love it. I'm a shallow reader I guess. I want the books I read to wrap me up in their stories. I want to laugh with the characters, cry with them, and for them, should the occasion so warrant. He's repetitve and I found some parts of his story exhausting because of it. (Back to my insensitivity I guess...)
I was not even involved enough to get angry with his father or stepmother, and by all rights, I should have been! When I am passionate about something I'm reading I'll meet Lance at the door and rail against the injustice served against the book's characters be they fiction or non-, and this story didn't spark that in me, though it had all the components that would make you think it would. I can already hear my book club- 'How sad, how awful, can you believe it', but I want to know, What now? This terrible thing happened to you, your youth and a large part of your adult life was total crap, but what about now? He's spearheaded an NPR broadcast, written a national best seller, probably looking at a movie sometime in the future, he's now a national speaker, has a devoted wife and two healthy kids. I'm not jealous of him certainly. I wouldn't trade anything in my life for a lobotomy and a chance at a book deal. I don't doubt for a second that he would give all of that back just for the chance to have a fully intact frontal lobe, so I get it, all the pissing and moaning, but I just wanted to hear him say one time- 'I was given a shit hand. My dad's a jerk, my step mother is the devil incarnate, but I hold the reins now and look at what I've done.'

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