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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Heretic Queen by Michelle Moran

I liked this one more than I did its predecessor, 'Nefertiti', and I enjoyed Nefertiti very much. I liked Nefertari as a main character more than I did Nefertiti or Mutnujamet. Moran has done her homework on Egyptian history; at the end of each book she briefly explains what elements are true, what missing pieces she's made educational guesses at, and why she made a particular assumption- much in the spirit of a Conn Iggulden novel.
This book was hard for me to walk away from and it seemed like just when I was relaxing from one tense moment there was another reason for me scoot to the edge of my seat- 'She what?! **Gasp**' :0)I laughed, cried (in my mind), cheered out loud, and got goose bumps more than once in this book. If this book were a movie I would say it would be worth a full price theater ticket.
Props to Moran; I'll keep an eye out for more of her work.

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