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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Promise Me by Harlan Coben

DIS-A-PPOIN-TED. As you probably remember from previous posts- I love Myron Bolitar. He's one of my favorite fictional characters out there. I listen to this series and there I was ready to enjoy number 8 and the man begins reading and- IT IS NOT THE MYRON BOLITAR I KNOW AND LOVE! Bah... Harlan Coben decided to narrate this one himself. He should stick to the writing part. He made all the villains speak like Oscar the Grouch and he just wasn't the right Myron... The mystery was o.k.- a little over the top. Without the proper narrator for the witticisms you can typically count on from this series it was much harder to appreciate the rest of the story. I hope he didn't read number 9 too...

You can read an official description of the plot line at:

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