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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Darkness More Than Night (Harry Bosch #7) by Michael Connelly

This is one of the better installments in the Harry Bosch series. I liked reading a story about Bosch from another character's point of view. It was an interesting vantage point. I didn't like Terry McCaleb in the position of main character as much as I like Harry though. Something about Terry's penchant toward entitlement irked me. 
One thing that struck me about this one is that I rarely find things I want to remember or quotes I want to reflect on in Connelly's novels but this one had two that stood out: (and these aren't verbatim) 
1. When they took out your heart they didn't take out what makes you tick. 
2. ....sitting there throwing silence at one another. 

There's food for thought- how many times have you used silence as an object to throw at an opponent?  Hmmmmm... 

You will find a description of the plot line of this book at: 

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