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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dark of the Moon by John Sandford

I didn't like this book and I won't read any more of his. The mystery had potential but this guy needs a wife or a girlfriend or a Playboy- something. If the main character isn't having sex he's talking about sex or thinking about sex. Every female character in the story is either described as having sex with him or one of the other major players in the story (and of course those women are rated in order of their physical attributes- mostly centered on asses) and if she's not sleeping with one of the main men she's described as overweight, enlarged, the shell of a what once was a beautiful woman. His adolescent obsession with carnality is obnoxious and exhausting and it usurps any potential quality from portions of the story that may have been admirable attempts at suspense in any other setting.Sandford needs to decide if he wants to write novels or forum letters and concentrate on one or the other. Splitting his 'talent' is a shameful injustice to both novels and forum letters.

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