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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cold Paradise by Stuart Woods

I loved and hated this book. I loved the mystery. I loved the parts that were 'laugh-out-loud'. I loved the fact that the main guy isn't the greatest detective ever to grace a magnifying glass. I HATED that this is a typical 'man' novel where the main character is devilishly handsome without effort and every woman aged 16 to 76 is a stunning beauty in her own right and they all WANT him. He can barely get gas in his car without being propositioned by some amazingly beautiful/talented/intelligent beauty queen/rodeo queen/harvard graduate type ravishing him right there in the parking lot on top of his still running BMW/Bentley/Ferrari. And you can call him Stone, Stone Barrington your average underwear model/wildly successful lawyer/detective/sensitive-but-manly type who will dry your tears , fix the float in the toilet, and save a litter of abused and abandoned kittens. Throw up in my mouth... But other than that- it wasn't half bad ;0).

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