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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Songs Without Words by Ann Packer

I read Dive from Clausen's Pier and adored it, though even when I was recommending it I couldn't tell people why. Ann Packer's writing style reminds me of Jodi Picoult, whom I admire beyond reason. Within her books there is a always a random thought, a phrase, that will spur an over-dinner conversation, and it are those nuggets of prose that I cherish from any author. Songs Without Words was no different in that sense. I was still able to pose some interesting topics of conversation pulling from what I had just read. The problem came when I was asked what the book was about. I don't know.
I couldn't answer it then, and even after I've fininshed- I can't answer it now. Suicide? Growing Pains? Friendship? All of the above? I kept thinking there would be a critical point where the plot would begin, but it never came. The book just went on until suddenly it ended. There was no climactic moment and then the sought after resolution. Too many Lit. credits for me maybe, but I thought those things were building blocks for novels? Conflict then resolution. A couple, meant to be together, two ingredients necessary for success. Apparently that's not always true. I hope this is not how my relationship with the writing of Ann Packer leaves off. It's my greatest hope that she come back with something that wows me and puts me back in awe of her talent and thought process. I want to recommend her, but this time, I just can't.

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