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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kindred by Octavia E. Butler

Although I couldn't stop listening to this one I can't say why. The story didn't have a great plot but it was an interesting vantage point from which to tell the story of slavery. The ultimate problem with this book is that the men in it are so terrificly annoying that you find them unbearable in spite of the fact that they dont' technically exist. They're really such whiners, pissing and moaning about their lot in life. And the problem with that is it isn't even the enslaved men doing the whining! The main character of the story isn't as strong as I think she should be. She's an African American woman who married a white man in the 70's. She would surely have had to have a little more fire in her than she is portrayed as having. The potential is there for the author to really attach you to the characters in the story and yet it's a missed opportunity. You feel very little for the characters and their trials. When one of the main female characters meets an unfortunate end it passes by barely noticed. I would have liked to be affected by that. This book misses the mark and fails to create a voice that is truly heard and absorbed by the reader and ultimately it has no more affect on the reader than the side panels of a Cheerios box.

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