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Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Want to Grow Hair, I Want to Grow Up, I Want to go to Boise by Erma Bombeck

What can you say about a book that focuses on childhood cancer? Not much outside of 'wow, I'm an ass...'.
 This book causes you to laugh out loud through streaming tears and it gives you pause about what is really important. Sure it's irritating that I have to turn all the male-owned socks inside out before I wash them. Yeah, it's frustrating that I'm the only one that knows that the tupperware isn't kept in the garage and car insurance doesn't get paid just by wishing for full coverage. But I have my health and my family is healthy and that's really what it all comes down to.
There's a lot of quips and anecdotes in this book but the one that has stuck with me is when Bombeck asked a seven-year old little girl what she wanted for her fast-approaching 8th birthday. She could have listed a million things that not one person on Earth would have thought out of bounds. After all, she was hospital-bound, rallying through chemo and radiation, and fighting for her life. When the question was posed she took a moment to rub her bald head and then shrugged and replied, 'Well, I have two sticker books and Cabbage Patch doll. I have everything.' Yeah- I probably don't need a new car as bad as I thought. I have everything.

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