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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Genius by Jesse Kellerman

If there was a 2.5 star option I would have elected that. This book took me AGES to get through. Every time I picked it up I fell asleep. The writing was witty and ironic. The characters were fairly well developed and easy to 'see' and empathize with but the STORY. Holy cats.
It went on forever and there was very little reward. There was never an 'edge of the seat' moment despite the fact that the potential was there. The resolution could have provided the reader an extremely satisfying Aha! but by the time you get there you barely notice because your eyes are glazed over and you have to keep stopping to wipe the boredom-induced drool from your book. When I first started reading this I was very taken with it and wondered why I hadn't heard of this author before. Now I know why... I appreciate his writing style and his ironic wit (I love ironic wit) but... I prefer not to have this again ;0).

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