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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Oh my word. This book is so long and so painful that it's hard for me to find an adjective descriptive enough and clean enough to post on this website. If you had asked me if I would rather finish this book or smash myself in the face with a golf shoe- it would have been a difficult decision. Plus I don't golf so lack of a golf shoe with which to beat myself about the head and face may have swayed my decision- but only slightly.
This book undoubtably brings up some very good points. There were some incredibly intriguing thoughts that gave birth to some lengthy and interesting debates in my house. That being said- enough is enough. When I chose to skip through a speech given by one of the main characters towards the end of the book I thought that was a good decision. When I got through 'skipping' it and realized that the speech lasted for 80 pages (80 pages!)I thought that was a GREAT decision. I'm sure Ayn Rand is brilliant. I'm sure, in her circle of philosophers, she's even god like. I'm also sure that I dont' hate myself enough to put myself through something like that ever again. My boss recommended that book to me. My first question to her will be to ask her what I have done to her to make her feel the need to do THAT to me and I might even have to look for a new job....

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