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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Defense for the Devil by Kate Wilhelm

I was not a fan one of this one. I know... shocker. It seems like only one out of every four or five that I read is good, and fewer than that are great but- if I didn't read all of these crappy ones
I wouldn't know it when I find a GREAT one.
I will not be watching for any more  by this author. The mystery was a big stretch and too many people don't get what they have coming to them. Liars and cheats just sort drift out of the spotlight. The personal life of the main character is left just hanging there. I think this is a series and that probably explains the unfinished personal business but unfortunately I'm not interested in that enough to subject myself to another one by Wilhelm. Forget the disconnected and shoddy 'mystery', forget loose strings and unfinished business, the love life of the main character is supremely obnoxious. From what I can gather the woman and a man she had been dating long distance have only just moved in together and they're having a rough time adjusting. O.K. I can buy that. I've been there. But these people are so immature! Two professional adults bickering and fighting under the ruse of concern. They can't share space, she misses her stuff, ya-ya-ya. So instead of getting a bigger place, or acting like adults, or coming up with a compromise- they rent two adjoining apartments. Then for the rest of the story it's his kitchen, her kitchen, his living room, her living room. How are you supposed to take characters like that seriously? Ugh...

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