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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Doc by Mary Doria Russell

Reading this book was like being home, listening to my dad and his friends swap stories :0). Few things evolve slower than cowboys and ranchers... 
There are multiple instances throughout the novel where a couple of men spend time drinking and telling tales. The stories are humorous in their own right but I laughed harder remembering stories told over 100 years later that begin with the exact same arm waving and a loud, "So I told that rotten %^$%&, if you're gonna leave the &*^$# gate open...". You get the idea ;0). 
I fell in love with Doc and his friends, the Earps. Mary Doria Russell does a wonderful job of taking you right into Dodge City. I thank her for the tour and the introductions to such a varied and fascinating group of people. My chest hurt when Doc had a coughing fit. I smiled in triumph with Wyatt when, with brand-new dentures, he learned to say Mississippi and fifty-five. I could feel the burn of bourbon tracing its way down my throat and the dust of Kansas choking my eyes and nose in the summer heat. What a wonderful adventure I enjoyed while I read this book....

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