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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shelter (Mickey Bolitar #2) by Harlan Coben

The first in a new series, I'm not sure I'm sold on this one. Mickey Bolitar, Myron's nephew, has the potential to become the next Myron and the world can definitely use more Myrons :0). I don't know if I have what it takes to stick it out with Mickey until he grows up though. I didn't appreciate the young adult fiction ambiance of this novel. I missed the adult Bolitars and their humor.

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  1. Harlan Coben is the best-selling author who has written close to two dozen superb, exciting, well-written crime novels. He wrote two such books in 2011. The first is Live Wire written for his usual readers staring Myron Bolitar and featuring his zany friends: Big Cynti, the grossly overweight ex-wrestler with zany makeup; Esperanza, the beautiful sometime lesbian expert with computers, who is Myron's partner; and, of course Wyn, his devoted friend, multi millionaire, with a frightening ability to hurt people. This second novel, Shelter, which could be read alone or after Live Wire, is focused toward young readers, Coben's first such novel; however adults will also enjoy this fast-moving thrilling tale. The two novels describe different incidences that occur at about the same time.