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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens

I was so taken with Chevy Stevens first novel, Still Missing, I could barely contain my excitement in anticipation of the release of Never Knowing. Stevens developed an amazing and thought provoking plot, one so intriguing that reading through the summary induces chills. I fervently hoped that Stevens would gracefully skip over the 'sophomore novel' stigma that plagues so many of my favorites. Unfortunately, the second novel stumble seems to be an inevitable rite of passage.

This novel is also set up in a series of therapy sessions. The structure that worked so well in Still Missing reads with an air of redundancy in Never Knowing. The characters in Never Knowing are more difficult to invest in and there is a great deal of 'clutter' in the story line. Too many dramatic moments, too many sideline dramas. The book is inundated by tributary plot lines that tend to overwhelm rather than increase interest.

Despite the noticeable lack of luster in Never Knowing, we have not seen the last or the best of Chevy Stevens. I will pre-order her next novel and wait just as anxiously for the release date. Stevens has a talent and an imagination to be reckoned with and I fully expect to enjoy her work for a very long time. 

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