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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shakespeare's Landlord (A Lily Bard Mystery #1) by Charlaine Harris

Ever on the hunt for a series that will fill the requirement for light and brainless reading I gave another Charlaine Harris creation a try. Sookie Stackhouse remains Harris' greatest written accomplishment but this wasn't a bad story. It isn't a good replacement for Sookie or Lisa Lutz's Spellman series but those are admittedly, big sitcom-type literary shoes to fill. There is no humor in main character Lily Bard but she does inspire the desire to take a karate class or eat more stir fry. Very few of my life experiences instigated an inspired look at stir fry so that in itself is a notable accomplishment.... While I'm still on the hunt for the goofball series that will take me away from anything resembling intellectual stimulation or intelligent thought provocation, I may take a look at one more Lily Bard mystery before I decide if I'm committed to the karate chopping resident of Shakespeare or if we're both better off going our separate ways... 

You will find an official description of the plot line at: 

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