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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly

After Lincoln Lawyer I suspected that it might be Mickey Haller who finally replaced Myron Bolitar in my lineup of book crushes but I think Bolitar's position in my adoration is safe after all. Most of the time I don't thank Hollywood for replacing my vision of a character with their own idea but this time I was more than happy to visualize Matthew McConaughey throughout this court room thriller. The story is typical of Connelly and the genre. It was a worthwhile listen but I wouldn't add it to the books that I need 'to have and to hold'. You may be asking why I would go starry eyed over Myron Bolitar and then dismiss Connelly's Haller with little more than an uninspired "meh".... I like my men a little tougher than the Haller we get here. I loved the Haller in Lincoln Lawyer that dealt handily with motorcycle gang leaders using the same prose and dimples that he presented to the women in his life. This new recovering-addict Haller is too weak for me. He won't drink coffee because he doesn't want to be addicted to anything. A worthy enough aspiration-and one that would earn a polite nod, my 'for-company' smile, and a "good for you" sentiment in real life. But in my imagination.... well, the men I love in fiction own coffee. They rule coffee. They can love coffee and leave it. You can bet Myron Bolitar wouldn't be defeated by coffee! Muawahaha!

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