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Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Hell of a Woman by Ron Hummer

This book, a suspense novel on one level, also integrates the difficulty and injustice of non-compete agreements. The difficulty with this novel is that both pieces lose impact as a result of the integration. Hummer clearly knows a great deal about non-compete agreements and the disservice they deliver to people forced to sign them. He has an impressive amount of knowledge to share but it gets lost in the plot of the story he creates around it. The message he shares about non-competes would be more effectively delivered in a non-fiction account specifically titled toward the subject of these limiting agreements. I believe that readers looking for a suspense novel will be frustrated by the split attention in the plot line and people looking for more information about non-competes will miss out on the information and insight Hummer has to offer, overlooking this book as thriller fiction, not an insight into non-compete agreements.

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