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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

Oh...That was lovely! The Forgotten Garden is The Secret Garden for grown ups. I loved it. Kate Morton's female characters are full of life. The women in this tale are so completely developed and colorful, full of personality, emotion, and delicious human nuances. Getting to know each of them is a treat in itself. Even the less lovable characters are so dynamic I couldn't help but be entranced by them. 

This multi-generational tale completely swept me up in the journey of three generations. Morton transports readers back and forth, switching from one generation to the next, unveiling a mystery over 100 years old. Each chapter reveals a piece of the puzzle through the experience of a different character. At the hands of a less talented writer, this may have been difficult to follow but Morton so skillfully shuttles readers through time that each chapter becomes your new favorite, each character the new best one. 

I didn't figure out the end before it came but I often don't. Unraveling mysteries isn't a talent of mine. In a novel this well written I am too busy loving it to spend time anticipating the end. 

I have not yet enjoyed The Distant Hours or The Secret Keeper but am looking forward to both since closing the cover on this delicious read. Thank you, Kate Morton!

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