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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Temple of the Winds (Sword of Truth, #4) by Terry Goodkind

I'm finally in. It took four books and a prequel in this series for me to finally buy in but at long last I'm hooked. I have been listening to this series so this fourth one, done by yet another new narrator, threw me a little as many of the character names are pronounced differently than they were in the previous 4 (1-3 and the prequel). In book 5 the narrator changes again and they continue to change with each installment until book 9 from what I can tell. That's annoying. The narrator becomes the voice of the tale and can significantly impact the reaction of the audience- it significantly impacts THIS audience anyway! 
That aside, I did enjoy this one. There were long stretches of time that I sat listening, captivated and not wanting to move on to a task for fear I might miss something. I typically would not try so many in a series before deciding to love it or leave it but I already owned 1-6 so I committed to that many at least. Thankfully I am looking forward to number 5, despite another narrator change, and no longer view The Sword of Truth series as an exercise in reader endurance.

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