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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

The first half of The Paris Wife is very boring. I couldn't really see it going anywhere, it just kept going. The second half was much better. I was shocked by the liberties taken, the choices made, the emotional endurance, and the social ignorance. This book is a solid example of truth being stranger than fiction. I didn't know anything about the life of Ernest Hemingway so I was surprised by the tale and it prompted me to do some additional reading about both he and Hadley. When I croak I would like to ask Hadley what she thought about A Moveable Feast.... I imagine it was difficult for her to read so many years later. 

I would also like to ask her why she would tolerate such disrespectful treatment from anyone-especially her husband and how many years post-Ernest before she asked herself, "What the &%$#^ was I thinking?! ". I desperately wanted her to stick up for herself but she remained a stoic doormat throughout, disappointing me and the women's liberation movement...

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