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Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon

I have become so attached to Gabaldon's characters that I had a physical reaction when I realized I only have two left in the series and then it's all over. Nooo!!! I am relieved the world didn't end before I had a chance to enjoy the Outlander series but I will be so sorry when I'm through them all. I have tried to stretch it out so I can fully enjoy every part of the process-anticipation of the next one, enchantment while reading, fond remembrance when through, but despite my foot-dragging process, I find myself nearing the end of this incredible tale. 

At the beginning of this installment I wasn't sure how I felt about Roger. He seemed to pale in comparison to the larger-than-life James Fraser but by the end I could safely be counted as one his fans as well. Contrary to my predictions, he's turning out to be a manly enough man to survive the adventure after all.

At the end of each book Gabaldon leaves the tiniest cliff hanger. It's not so dramatic that you can't stand it but it's just enough that the niggling thought of "what happens next" burrows down into your brain and keeps tapping you gently until you finally give in and dive into the next part of the story. That is one of the things I admire most about Gabaldon. Her possession of you is not so blatant that you are white-knuckling the book, wide eyed and breathless but it is possession all the same-slow, easy, and astoundingly thorough. Once you fall into her story you want to stay there forever and she owns you for however long she chooses to continue the series. 

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