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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Something Dangerous by Penny Vincenzi

It is a rare occasion when I find an author that rivals Jodi Picoult for my literary admiration. Penny Vincenzi is that rare occasion. I fell completely in with the Spoils of Time trilogy. This second installment picks up with the second generation of Lytton's and somehow Vincenzi manages to continue the suspense and the family drama without creating a trite 'Dallas' type of read. I had a more difficult time admiring the venerable Lady Celia in this one but I think the disenchantment you feel for her in this one sets the tone for redemption in the third. Each character manages somehow to inspire admiration and disapproval almost simultaneously throughout. None of the characters are too perfectly good or too perfectly evil but they are all very perfectly human. Penny Vincenzi's talent is hi-lighted by the number of characters she brings to the story without being formulaic or creating redundancy. This trilogy will be one I will recommend many times over.

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