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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Into Temptation by Penny Vincenzi

I'm so sorry this is over for me! I came to love the characters in this trilogy very much. The third and final volume in The Spoils of Time ties things up very nicely- but not too nicely! Lady Celia is fully redeemed and is a character to be greatly admired. There were a few things that left me wondering but there is sufficient information to allow me to draw my own conclusions about the fate of the second and third generation of Lytton's. Maybe I'll get really lucky and there will someday be a fourth book... 
This one, like its predecessors, had it all. Love, laughter, suspense, drama, even a little criminal activity. For a book that doesn't involve any serial killers or detectives there is a surprising element of suspense throughout. Just when you finish a section about one character and are lamenting the pause in that particular story line you find yourself completely involved in the plight of another character entirely. The entire time I read this book I marked my progress with gasps, sharp intakes of breath, and various exclamations of, 'What?!', 'No!', and 'Holy cats!'. 
Thank you Penny Vincenzi for publishing in America; you certainly have a fan in me!

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