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Friday, March 14, 2014

The Snowman by Jo Nesbø

My favorite by Jo Nesbø so far! I was captivated by this thrilling mystery and could not put it down! I am continuously impressed by his imagination and the clever way he executes the tiniest of details so one seemingly minor element of the story unravels the whole mystery. No detail is unimportant when I'm enjoying Nesbø's work. An offhand remark, the crossed arms of an acquaintance-it can all come back to mean something so I find myself really trying to focus and remember all those little things that become integral parts to a very clever story. I'm not much of a mystery solver by nature so the ending always takes me by surprise but my extra attention is rewarded when I can view, as a whole, the tapestry of terror and suspense Nesbø creates with his myriad of tiny, seemingly unimportant details. If he can't teach me to think more like Sherlock Holmes, I'm sure that endeavor is a lost cause :-P. And I can't help but love main man, Harry Hole. He's a beautiful mess, whom I've loved getting to know through the series. 

The miss on the 5-star rating is not the fault of the author. I struggle with the Norwegian names and have an incredibly difficult time keeping track of the characters and who did what to whom. This added struggle to keep everything straight keeps me from being totally encompassed by the tale as I try to stay clear on who everyone is. 

I'm forcing myself to read a few others before I start the next in this series, lest it be over too soon...

You will find an official plot line description at: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9572203-the-snowman.

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