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Saturday, November 30, 2013

City of Lost Dreams by Magnus Flyte

City of Lost Dreams, the sequel to City of Dark Magic, surprised me by surpassing its predecessor on every level. I wish I had a 3.5 star option! The first book left me divided, feeling let down by some aspects and really loving the potential existing in others. Ambivalence is resolved in this second installment! The potential in City of Dark Magic is fully delivered in City of Lost Dreams. The heroine is more capable, easier to love. You get to know lovable Nico much better and get a sense for what he faces in his peculiarly long, long life. And Max...there's a character a girl can have a book crush on ;0). Flyte creates the character depth in this one that is missing in the first one, allowing the reader to emotionally invest in the fate of the characters in a way that wasn't possible in City of Dark Magic.  Though not entirely removed, the bizarre sex scenes that were so disruptive in City of Dark Magic were less abundant in City of Lost Dreams. Add in the exciting and unexpectedly twisty ending and you have a winner in City of Lost Dreams!

One of the things I love about reading across all genres of fiction is the opportunity to pick up something of value in what appears to be the unlikeliest place. I wasn't disappointed when I found the "life lesson" I'm always on the lookout for anytime I have a book in hand. This particular gem, delivered from the mouth of Pollina, young musical genius in need of a miracle, reminds City of Lost Dreams heroine of what's really important when she says, "Don't put such stock in this physical body. [...] Passion, in all its forms, that's what endures." Well said and an excellent reminder. I wasn't sure I would follow the work of Magnus Flyte after City of Dark Magic but coming off a City of Lost Dreams high, I can be counted among the many, many fans.

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